Letter of Thanks to Activeworlds Community

When it comes to Activeworlds I see the community like an extended family, sometimes its dysfunctional but it still remains a family in my heart. Sure we disagree, have different opinions, agendas but i believe in the end we all strive for what we see as a better AW. Too many times i have watched people pour their hearts into projects, Events and builds only to be unrecognized and unappreciated.

So This post is to say Thank you to all you unsung heros, hard working citizens that gave of their valuable time and for giving of your heart and mind to the community we know as Activeworlds. Those that hosted events for years and saw the end of the events due to lack of participation. Those that Passed away leaving us some wonderful builds and memories and those still remaining with us fighting to bring the community back to a cohesive and flourishing state.

Events come and go, citizens as well but what they achieved, created and shared will remain in the hearts and minds of those they touched. Thank you Event hosts, Builders, community leaders, chatters and lurkers all the same. Each group and each person has contributed to what became one of the longest existing online 3d community called Activeworlds.

Last but not least a big thank you to the programers, visionaries and staff of Activeworld in the many forms it has taken through the years since its inception back in 1995. Without them we the community would never had AW as our home on the Internet or the friends / Family and the community we love so much.

AW-Just some thoughts

We are in great need of more events for the citizens to enjoy, we also need someone to step up and get community meetings back. Community meetings give all of us a place for our ideas, thoughts and concerns to be heard. It also contributed to the community’s cohesion. Would be nice to get folks interested in hosting events such as building contests, Games and yes even more parties.

With the loss of awportals event system we need to find creative alternatives to get the news of events and contests out there for the community to see. Limiting it to just Facebook and Forums will only reach a small percentage of the community. I know many in the community whom do not use facebook or the forums. One option is using the calendar system like we have done in the past, but the person who did that left aw several years ago.

In the end it is the community that makes AW great or not, the level or participation and the way we conduct ourselves and greet new members is what defines us as a community. Each citizen contributes in their own way, be it building, chatting, hosting events and so on.

Well these were just some thoughts of a Cit whos has been around off and on since the early days. Take them or leave them 🙂 But either way Have a good day!

TGIF Friday June 14th at the AWExpo Club 11:30 pm vrt


Nearly a Decade of Mel Hosting the TGIF and providing Entertainment for AW CIts. She has Decided to Retire. This TGIF is dedicated to all the years she has Hosted and time spent in doing so. A Big thank you from me and the community!
11:30 pm vrt – TGIF will be at the “AWExpo Club”,.Enjoy great Music , Dance and Game..The Weekend is here!.. 🥂http://teleport.cgi?aw_7758.80S_1393.96E_0.05a_179


Activeworlds my 3d home on the Web

Activeworlds has been in existence since 1995, I got to get a few glimpses of the program in late 1995 by watching my brother in law at the time who went by Dogstar . I did not officially start playing in activeworlds till about the early to mid part of 1997 and late 1998 i decided to become a paid citizen. Needless to say i’ve been in activeworlds for some time now off and on, watched it soar to great heights in citizen population and decline several times. Though the 3d engine which is renderware is a bit old and outdated compared to some of the newer 3d places such as Secondlife, Open Grid and several others i still like to to think Activeworlds has the best building interface and has a community that is currently active.

Sure there are the trolls, haters and troublemakers like any social environment be it on the web or in real life, there is also those there that love activeworlds and the friendships they had forged there. As of late activeworlds has went through some updates that closed the doors on some of the community that could not or would not upgrade hardware and operating systems to be able to enter activeworlds. Most could not afford the upgrades and a few chose not to. Either way we lost a portion of our community to the updating of the software.

Like any online community Activeworlds community has its flaws, but in the end the community is a wonderful group of people. I mean how many Online communities last over 24 years. I have watched those in the community step up and help buy newer computers for other citizens, donate money to help some survive a period of unemployment and more. There is those throughout the years that have dedicated a tremendous amount of their time to help new member and old alike such as AW teachers, gatekeepers and peacekeepers along with the regular everyday cits.

Then you have citizens like Mel who has hosted the TGIF for a decade or longer to give fellow cits a place to come party and myself for a few years on saturday . Many DJ’s through the years have brought entertainment to activeworlds as well. We have had a mix of artists, musicians , computer techs and Authors as citizens through the years as well . So many Events through the years like awbingo, zookeeper, movie nights, dances and even community meetings kept the community strong and active. We have had collaborative builds such as the 20 year old city of sw-city in alpha world, the awexpo are and many other cities, private worlds and build projects as well.

Regardless of what some may think or say about Activeworlds it has had some of the most creative and dedicated people in its community. The fact its lasted so far around 24 years stands testimony to that fact. What Activeworlds has instore for the future far as the software is concerned may be unknown at this time, but i want to believe that the community will always be connected in one way or another.

Ray Barbier / Dovestar