AW-Just some thoughts

We are in great need of more events for the citizens to enjoy, we also need someone to step up and get community meetings back. Community meetings give all of us a place for our ideas, thoughts and concerns to be heard. It also contributed to the community’s cohesion. Would be nice to get folks interested in hosting events such as building contests, Games and yes even more parties.

With the loss of awportals event system we need to find creative alternatives to get the news of events and contests out there for the community to see. Limiting it to just Facebook and Forums will only reach a small percentage of the community. I know many in the community whom do not use facebook or the forums. One option is using the calendar system like we have done in the past, but the person who did that left aw several years ago.

In the end it is the community that makes AW great or not, the level or participation and the way we conduct ourselves and greet new members is what defines us as a community. Each citizen contributes in their own way, be it building, chatting, hosting events and so on.

Well these were just some thoughts of a Cit whos has been around off and on since the early days. Take them or leave them 🙂 But either way Have a good day!